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We all have stories we can tell. Those times in our lives when we have been pushed to our absolute limits and wondered if we would be able to get through it. It’s these challenges both big and small that build character and resilience in us - it makes us who we are. Survivors, with a few battle scars, but still standing.

At Still Savage we aim to be more than just another brand. We want to build a community, who share these survival stories. Stories that will bring hope and inspiration to others and reassurance that hard times do eventually pass, and we can come through it stronger. We need to stand together through all that life throws at us, rise above it, and say we are STILL SAVAGE.

"There are no flowers without rain"...

Lauren tells us about the struggles that came with the aftermath of tragically losing her little sister. It's amazing how far she has come!

"They never thought I'd survive..."

Sarah's terrifying yet inspiring story of her battle with a rare disease called Behcets. No obstacle to large for this girl!

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