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Scotland - Land of the brave.

Home to generations of wild, unrelenting heroes, forged by the rugged wilderness.

This is the birthplace of Still Savage.

Still Savage came from the idea that our nation was in need of a reawakening to its heritage. 

  Still Savage's purpose is to reignite boldness, to stand steadfast and strong in today's world, rising to the challenges that everyday life throws at us.  We still need to experience adventure, to challenge ourselves and build our characters by getting out there and enjoying the great outdoors and not letting a little bit of wind and rain stop us from doing it!  Reviving our wild and primitive souls and regaining a thirst for outdoor adventure.


History books are dominated by Scottish revolutionaries that battled and bled for their freedom.

Has this tenacious spirit been lost in the comforts of the 21st century? Still Savage is about braving the elements of life, not surrendering to mediocrity.

Become an ambassador of this brand by embracing the lifestyle with us whilst wearing the name proudly as a reminder to ourselves and to the world around us that

we are in fact STILL SAVAGE.

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